Dec 31, 2013

Can't execute or set execute permission for executable (Linux executable) files in NTFS partition.

OS:Ubuntu 13.04
NTFS partition mounted by clicking on the partition name that appear in the 'Devices' section in the Nautilus window (File Explorer).

The NTFS file system don't have the permission bits like that in the Linux because NTFS is designed for windows.

In the /etc/fstab file mount the NTFS partition using the umask=000 and exec option.
umask indicates which all permissions you want to restrict, so umask=000 mean everyone will have read,write and execute permission on the disk after the mounting.

UUID=ECE896823234E8964CA8 /media/Disk ntfs defaults,exec,fmask=000 0 0

Dec 13, 2013

In a quest to choose a Download manager for my Linux Box, i came across this question 
"Does multi threaded download managers really help". 
Had a discussion with my friends, spend quite sometime on Google and finally came to a conclusion.

Yes multi-threaded/multi-part Downloading really HELPS and SPEEDS UP the download..

In multi-threaded/multi-part downloading a single file is split into multiple segments/parts and are downloaded using several parallel HTTP connections from a single server. 

This speeds up the download because the ISP/Server/Firewall will usually put a limitation of bandwidth per connection, so multiple connections will help to circumvent this limitation. But bear in mind that you can't speed up beyond the maximum bandwidth allocated to you. Also servers will have a limit on maximum limit on the number of parallel connections per client in order to prevent this.